Bone House Wallpaper

Location : Milan furniture fair, Italy
Building type : Dog House
Client : Wallpaper
Size : 1,62 m2
Schedule : Completed 2012 for Wallpapers "Hand Made" exhibition
Consultants : Moderne Materiell AS, Kebony AS
Primary architects :

Einar Jarmund, Håkon Vigsnæs, Alessandra Kosberg, Martin Blum-Jansen

JVA designed a dog house for the internationally renowned design magazine Wallpaper. The "Bone House" was built to be a part of Wallpapers "Hand Made" exhibition at the Palazzo Brioni at the 2012 furniture fair in Milan. Playing with canine associations, the dog house is inspired by vernacular Norwegian log building techniques. The project, however, is the result of modern manufacturing, with environmentally friendly Kebony wood as main material and CNC-milled forms. Bone House is designed as a flat pack solution that can be easily transported and assembled. The roof consists of clear polycarbonate that provides protection against the weather, but at the same time it is a lightweight and transparent material that highlights the "dog bones" which the house is built of, and gives the dog light.