Sørenga Kindergarden

Location : Sørenga, Bjørvika, Oslo, Norway
Building type : Kindergarden
Client : Sørenga Utvikling AS / Omsorgsbygg Oslo KF
Size : Approx. 750 m2 incl. parking
Schedule : Completed 2012    
Collaborating architects : 4B Arkitekter AS, Context AS
Primary architects :

Einar Jarmund, Håkon Vigsnæs, Alessandra Kosberg, Lars Hamran, Jeanette Alvestad, Anders Granli 


The kindergarten is located as a separate volume within a residential block at Sørenga docks, Oslo. The Block is designed by JVA and the kindergarten has two floors. It is intended for 70 children divided in four educational groups.

With the intention of the best possible overview and orientation of the kindergarten a large common playroom was established. This room is open on two levels, linking floors together with an open staircase. The common playroom has glass facades from floor to ceiling giving good views to the exterior and the sea. Areas for the individual groups are oriented towards this common room.

Materials used are robust and easy to maintain, with plywood on the walls and linoleum floors. Development in the Bjørvika area and on Sørenga in Central Oslo, is subject to environmental restrictions for material use, both in the production phase, time in use and in a future recycling phase.