Norwegian Ministry of Defence

Location : Oslo, Norway
Building type : Office building. Transformation and new construction
Projects scope : Shared contract with ØKAW Arkitekter AS
Client : Norwegian Ministry of Defence
Size : 19.300m²
Schedule : Finished 2006
Consultants : Scandia Consult AS
Primary architects : Einar Jarmund, Håkon Vigsnæs, Alessandra Kosberg,
Nils Røsvik, Gunilla Jansson,
Jan Stavik, Stian Schieldrup, Harald B. Lode, Thor Christian Pethon


The task is to establish the new Ministry in a series of old and protected buildings at Akershus Fortress in central Oslo. New solid blocks fill in the historical pattern, while a more fluent and transparent building provides a link between new and old building blocks in close relation to the historical traces in the landscape.