Tanum Karl Johan Bookstore

Location : Karl Johans gate, Oslo, Norway
Building type : Bookstore and offices, refurbishment
Client : Tanum AS
Size : Bookstore ca. 750 m², Offices ca. 225 m²
Schedule : Finished 2011
Consultants : RISS AS, Linda Knoph Vigsnæs/LYSSTOFF
Primary architects : Einar Jarmund, Håkon Vigsnæs, Alessandra Kosberg, Siv Hofsøy, Ane Sønderaal Tolfsen, Paul- Henri Henn, Jens Herman Næss


Tanum Karl Johan is Oslo's oldest bookstore located on the city's main street. The project is a full renovation, completely tearing down the old interior. From having several floor levels, the store reappeared with all functions on one floor with a stronger visual relationship to the street and more rough materials to emphasize the physical appearance of the books.
The traditional green color of Tanum is continued into two shades; a dark green as a calm backdrop and the light green as a signal color. Elements from the Flag Ship Store at Karl Johan, will give basis for other stores in the Tanum chain. The furniture is mobile and flexible shaped to signalize actuality, and be able to adapt to various actions and happenings at the store.