Location : Myrkdalen, Norway 
Building type : Holiday apartments
Client : Voss Fjellandsby AS
Size : 4000m²
Schedule : -
Consultants : Seim & Hultgren AS, Norconsult AS, Ingenia AS, P.D.I. Solutions AS, Kildeakustikk AS
Primary architects : Einar Jarmund, Håkon Vigsnæs, Alessandra Kosberg, Anna Zeuthen Andersen, Nils Røsvik, Tuva Salomonsen Hansen

Bygarden is sited central in the new master plan of Myrkdalen ski resort. The building houses 62 private, holiday apartments with flexible commercial areas on the ground floor. Rental rooms for hotel staff is placed on a lower floor with a direct access to outdoor areas. The height of Bygarden's roof reflects one of its neighboring hotels, but is formed as a smaller and more compact volume. Eaves and arcade extends towards the main street and the hotel. 

On the east façade, Bygarden is covered with rusted slate and openings for recessed balconies. On the west facade the materials are inspired by colors of the Myrkdalen Hotel, with dark wooden panels and recessed balcony openings.